Sonic Mighty 4K: First Print with Phrozen’s Test File

After correctly calibrating your Z-axis, it’s time for you to test out your first print with the Sonic Mighty 4K! We have included a test file for you to test out the LCD 3D printer with Aqua-Gray 4K resin. Feel free to test your first print with our Phrozen rook. Step 1: Suiting Up As direct contact with resin may cause…
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March 15, 2021 0

Performing Z-axis Calibration on the Sonic Mighty 4K

Z-axis calibration is essential for every 3D printer. Run this test to make sure that the build platform is leveled to the LCD screen. This is to ensure that models and prints will adhere to the build platform.  We will guide you through the steps of calibrating your Sonic Mighty 4K LCD 3D printer by using a piece…
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February 22, 2021 0

Performing an LCD Test on the Sonic Mighty 4K

Before printing, you may need to check the status of your Sonic Mighty 4K’s LCD screen. This is to ensure that both the UV lights and the 9.3” Mono-LCD screen are functioning properly. We will guide you through the steps of performing an LCD test and how you can read it: *Caution! DO NOT look directly into the…
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February 16, 2021 0

Pixel Toning

Pixel Toning adalah inovasi baru yang menarik yang membantu membuat 3D printer SprintRay  Anda kembali baru dengan meningkatkan kualitas permukaan komponen cetakan Anda secara radikal. Pixel Toning mewakili langkah besar dalam jalur komitmen SprintRay untuk menciptakan produk tahan lama dan akan menjadi semakin lebih baik dari waktu ke waktu. Kami sangat bangga dengan hasil yang…
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October 14, 2020 0

Memperkenalkan Task Tiertime

Tujuan: Tugas Tiertime (Task Tiertime) adalah jenis file model irisan (slice) yang khusus dibuat untuk 3D Printer Tiertime. Ini dapat digunakan sebagai sumber input data yang dikirim ke 3D Printer Tiertime yang kompatibel untuk di cetak tanpa melalui proses slicing. Komposisi data: File Tugas (task file) Tiertime terdiri dari tiga set informasi, Print Profile, Printer…
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June 16, 2020 0

Dr. August de Oliveira’s 3D Printer Tipping Point

Dr. August de Oliveira is a household name in digital dentistry. A veteran of CAD/CAM systems, Dr. de Oliveira has been interested in the potential of 3D printing as in-office manufacturing for quite some time, but wasn’t able to achieve the accuracy he needed with desktop FDM printers. So when printers like MoonRay came onto…
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April 15, 2020 0

3D Printed Orthodontics OrthoSelect Interview

A few weeks ago, we popped over to Salt Lake City to pay a visit to OrthoSelect, a laboratory that focuses on helping orthodontists with treatment planning and bracket placement. Using SprintRay 3D printers, they print indirect bonding trays that save doctors up to 45 minutes per patient when placing braces. These 3D printed orthodontics…
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March 16, 2020 0

And We’re Just Getting Started

What’s in a Name? As 2019 wound to a close and we embarked into a new decade, we’ve been thinking a lot about this question. One year ago, at the Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting 2019, we unveiled our next invention to the world. And we called it SprintRay Pro. Twelve months on, its success has…
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February 24, 2020 0

UP mini 2 Review – Best 3D Printer for Beginners in 2018

The Tiertime UP mini 2 is our fall 2018 pick for the “Best 3D Printer for Beginners”. Check out our review to find out why it is the ideal starter machine. he first time we tried using the UP mini 2 3D printer, a fused deposition modeling (FDM) machine, things did not go according to…
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January 27, 2020 0

Print From A USB Stick

New Feature Announcement In the latest Touch Screen Program (V2.5034), we released the new feature “Print from a USB Stick”. User can save a Tiertime TSK file on a USB stick drive, take the drive to any compatible Tiertime 3D printer, and print the TSK file directly without the need of using UP Studio on…
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September 23, 2019 0