The compact pressure moulding unit MINISTAR S® equipped with scanning technology: scanner reads the coded material, allowing programming of all important parameters such as heating time, temperature and cooling time. In other words: precise pressure moulding results are reached in record time thanks to the extremely fast, patented heater and working pressure of 4.0 bar, adjustable via pressure regulator. New generation equipped with user-friendly membrane keypad and large display. All operating parameters are monitored and indicated on the display.

Extensive range of material

you will find the right material for each application. Our pressure-moulding material has been tested acc. to the International Guidelines DIN EN ISO 10993 and 7405 with the result that it has been released for clinical use. The barcode on each blank ensures quick and simple handling.


500 × 210 × 400 mm

9 kgs

230/115/100 V, 750 W

0.5 – 4.0 bar


The key pad is used to program and monitor all operating parameters, whilst the display shows you all the important information at all times. The working pressure is displayed throughout the pressure moulding proced ure. Optical user prompting and acoustic
signals support the handling during the work process, e.g., when the heating time elapses. Once the pressure chamber is sealed, the pre-programmed cooling period begins automatically. Its end is signalled both optically on the display and via the LED and acoustically. The AIR key controls the rapid depressurizing of the pressure chamber.