Very easy to handle high-end thermoforming unit with a maximum in user-friendliness and consistently precise final results. Built for all applications in dental thermoforming technology. Easy to use keypad, integrated bar code scanner identifies blanks and a working pressure of up to 6 bar. Additional safety factors for professional results. Two-hand operation and LEDs that light up when heating is in operation.

As the sag of the blank to the opposite site of the heater

The distance between blar and model Is much shorter.
This will create even and stable final results

The vertical forming of the blank towards the model garants more homogeneous results


  • Perfect combination of technology, software and design
  • Very easy operation
  • High working-pressure for all applications
  • Multi-functional professional unit


Dimensions (HWD)  460 x 290 x 290 mm

Blanks  from Ø 120 mm

Weight 16 kg

Power input max. 315 W

Pressure var. adjustable from 2-6 bar (19-87 psi)

Voltage 115-240 V / 50-60 Hz

  • Easy and safe usage cause of a 1 button handling
  • Turn to install the right times
  • Press for activating the heater
  • separated from the working area
  • Readout of time is shown in min:sec
  • Visible and acustical control of all working steps