Pro 3D Printer

Ready for Today, Built for Tomorrow


A breakthrough projector and resin tank combined with a larger build platform enable unprecedented throughput.


Easily close intraoral scans without the need for third-party software. Auto-detect issues before you print.


Onboard help, over-the-air updates, and an advanced touchscreen computer that can print directly from a USB drive.

SprintRay Pro

The New Industry Standard

3D printing in dentistry is much more than just a new technology: it has the potential to control costs, improve flexibility, and expand the scope of patient care. To deliver on this potential, we made SprintRay Pro the most user-friendly, powerful and reliable desktop printer in dentistry. Because the technology in your office needs to solve problems, not create headaches.

Industrial Volume

Enough throughput to handle the largest jobs. SprintRay Pro features a larger build platform (18cm x 10cm surface area) than its competitors while maintaining its desktop form factor.

Up to 30 Arches

Intensity, Meet Accuracy

The custom projector in SprintRay Pro delivers high-intensity light evenly across the build surface for perfect, accurate prints every time.

405nm LED 95μm Projector

Unprecedented Speed

With industry-first advances in projector technology, SprintRay Pro is up to three times faster than its predecessor while offering improved accuracy.

Up to 3x Faster

Breakthrough Tech, Breakneck Speed

Cutting-edge advancements in tank materials unlock huge gains in speed, along with at least twice the tank lifetime for added reliability.

Up to 50 Liters Lifetime

Brains Behind the Brawn

Intuitive touchscreen controls and contextual instructions managed by a 6-core CPU make learning curves a thing of the past. Start print jobs directly from front panel USB port.

Onboard Assistant

Industrial Volume

Intensity, Meet Accuracy

Breakthrough Tech, Breakneck Speed

Brains Behind the Brawn

Materials for Every Application

SprintRay Pro features wide resin compatibility. Choose from our specially-formulated model and
biocompatible materials for maximum speed and cost efficiency. Subscribe to RayWare Pro to
unlock supported 3rd-party materials, further increasing flexibility.

Models for Aligners

Surgical Guides


Indirect Bonding Trays

Removable Dies

Night Guards

Pro Cure

Pro Cure uses powerful LED arrays and convection heating to make post-processing a snap. Pre-programmed with settings for most popular resins.

RayWare Software

Automatically convert intraoral scans to full models, ready for printing. Add labels to model supports. RayWare automates the frustrations away from dental 3D printing.


Mask Image Projection
Stereolithography (SLA)
Digital Light Processing (DLP)
Direct Peel Mechanism
Manual Resin Filling
Easily Removable Supports

7.1″ x 4″ x 8″
18.2cm x 10.2cm x 20cm

50 Microns, 100 Microns

up to 2 in/hour @ 100 Microns
1 in/hour @ 50 Microns

SprintRay Custom-Built 1080P FHD Projector
Texas Instruments DLP Chip
405nm LED 
LED-based Light Source
50,000 Hours Expected Lifetime

500 mL Capacity
Built-in Drain
Vacuum Formed Protective Cover
Up to 50 Liters Extended Lifetime

5GHz Wi-Fi Chipset
Direct Ad-Hoc Mode via Wi-Fi b/g/n
Local Network via Wi-Fi b/g/n
Local Network via Ethernet Cable

7″ Touch-screen with Direct Print via USB Port

W x D x H
14″ x 16″ x 20″
35cm x 40cm x 50cm

W x D x H (When Open)
14″ x 20″ x 24″
35cm x 50cm x 61cm

20″ x 20″ x 22″ – 40 lb
53cm x 53cm x 58cm – 18 kg