SprintRay Pro 3D Printer

● 2x Platform Size
● Up to 3x Faster
● Up to 6x More Throughput
● 70% increase in Resin Capacity
● Broad applications (Aligners, Surgical Guides, Splints, Dentures, IBT)
● 3rd Party resin support
● Powerful 6-core on-board CPU
● 7” Touch Screen
● New CAD Software Features


2x intensity reduces exposure time for faster prints; print horizontal arches in under 30 minutes.

Pixel-level calibration across build surface ensures dimensional and light-intensity accuracy.

Build Platform

● 216 cm2 surface area
● Print 7 arches horizontal, 21 vertical
● Machined flat for even prints
● Textured surface for ideal print adhesion
● Easily position on flat surface to remove
prints upon job completion
● Secure lock to z-axis

Touchscreen, CPU and USB

7” Gorilla Glass display is durable and easy to read; beautiful, intuitive user interface.

Easily select print parameters, monitor status and get on-board help; backed by 6-core CPU for print job processing and future profile upgrades.

Front panel USB port for loading print jobs.

Easy, Intuitive, Future-Proof Processor & Controls

SprintRay Software automation solves tedious CAD tasks


Surgical Guide

Removable Die

Indirect Bonding Tray

Occlusal Guard

Study Model / Aligner


9 x 6 x 20 cm
54 sq cm surface area

Minimum of 5 cm per hour
Up to 7cm per hour with variable speed

7” touch-screen with direct USB print

Direct pull mechanism

SprintRay custom built UV DLP 1080
with dynamic intensity control

SprintRay custom built 6-core CPU with
Mali GPU for on board processing

35 x 40 x 50 cm

Free and Paid Cloud Services