Peel 3 3D Scanner

Peel 3 can handle any application in: aftermarket & tuning, AR, VR & digital content, education, heritage preservation and art, product design, healthcare, and MRO and engineering.

Peel 3 3D Scanner

peel 3 takes your 3D scanning experience to new heights. Everything about peel 3d scanners has been redesigned, rethought and revamped. For an affordable turnkey professional-grade 3D scanning solution, peel 3 packs a powerful performance punch.

  • High-fidelity objects
  • Digital archiving
  • Human anatomy
  • Orthotics and prosthetics
  • Converts handmade objects to digital

Why peel is different

Complete Solution

Peel 3 come with dedicated 30 scanning software Get more out & your investment with our turnkey solutions,

Easy to learn

Instinctive ergonomics. Intuitive intertaces 1earning to 3D scan can take more minutes

New design

design and distance meter enables users to scan effortlessly—without the back and forth to the computer

Ultra-Ergonomic Handle

Peel 3’s unique multi-grip triangulated handle has been designed to be comfortable in most common 3D scanning positions.

Slick LCD Screen

This multi-function and intuitive touchscreen gives you a brand-new way to interact with your peel 3d scanner. It can also be used as a distance meter to easily scan without looking at your computer.

Feel The Difference with Haptic Communication

A world premiere for handheld 3D scanners, peel 3 features several recognizable vibration patterns to guide you as you scan narrow and hard-to-reach places without a direct line-of-sight. That’s real-time feedback at its best!

You can't go anywhere without a good software

Peel 3 comes with peel.OS, a highly simplified data acquisition software that enables you to process, clean, align, improve and export your 3D scanning data. Thanks to the guided workflows, assisted merge of multiple scans and integrated help, you’ll be scanning with confidence in no time flat!

New, simpler, design

Guided workflows help you quickly optimize the way you work.

Easy to learn

Integrated help functions make it easy to get the help you need when you need it.


Kickstart your efficiency by accessing peel 3d's community and tools.

Look how easy it is!


Both the object and scanner can move freeIy you see
what you’ve scanned and what you’ve missed in real


Clean up and align your 3D scans like a pro with tools
you simply will not find in any other affordable


Finish your 3D scans in the blink of an eye before
sending it to another software or generating the fiIe

The best part? It's all included!

Get our software and some accessories for free when you buy peel 3

A foam insert as a light-duty carrying case

Data acquisition software

Power supply

USB cable

Regular positioning targets

Super-adhesive positioning targets

We offer the perfect protection kit for your peel 3d scanner. It includes a custom silicone sleeve, removable lens cover, a gorilla glass protector and a truly brilliant cable winder! Say goodbye to mechanical degradation!

Carry your peel 3D scanner with you anywhere with this watertight, crush-proof and dust-proof rugged case. Strong, yet lightweight, it’s small enough to fit inside a plane’s overhead bin!

Discover a range of 3D scanning accessories to accelerate your workflows and productivity.

Technical Specifications

Explore the amazing performance levels of peel 3. This professional 3D scanner is really in a class by itself.

Softwarepeel.OS, peel.CAD*
Recommended object size 0.1 - 3.0 m
Accuracy 0.250 mm/m, up to 0.1 mm
Measurement Capabilities
1.5 mm
3.0 mm
0.1 mm
1.0 mm
Mesh resolution0.250 mm
Scan speed 80 sec/m2
Usage Distance (from object) 250 to 550 mm
Projector Light Source IR VCSEL
Scanner Controls Touchscreen
Color Resolution (on object) 250 DPI
Dimensions 304 x 150 x 79 mm
Weight 950 g
Connectivity USB 3.0