3D Solution  adalah Distributor Resmi dari : UP Plus Printers, TPM System, EOS System dan Leapfrog Printers, sejak 2010. Customer service kami terbaik, dan kami jamin kwalitas produk yang terbaik bagi Anda. Jangan menghabiskan waktu anda untuk mencari vendor/penjual lainya. Anda tidak akan salah memilih kami untuk semua kebutuhan 3D printer , 3D scanner, 3D software dan jasa printing 3D, print 3D di Indonesia.


3D Solution is a leader in rapid prototyping, Additive Manufacturing , 3D Printing, 3D Printers, 3D Scanners and 3D solution providers in Indonesia. We are reputed to be the BEST IN PROVIDING EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE and our products are the BEST and MOST RELIABLE. We aim to be always a step ahead in giving the best solutions for your business. 3D Printing is the process of joining materials to make objects from 3D CAD data, through the deposition by using a print head, nozzle or other printer technology. This technology is used to build physical models, prototypes, patterns, tooling components, and even production parts in plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, and composite materials

Benefits of 3D Printing 

Streamline and expedite product development process Allows rapid product development so business can reduce time to market, improve product quality, and reduce costs Reduce likelihood of making wrong or flawed products by visualization 

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