The Next Big Thing in Digital Dentistry

March 9, 2020 The Next Big Thing in Digital Dentistry 0

In-office dental 3D printing helps improve the efficiency of forward-thinking practices all over the world. By leveraging existing technologies that exist in digital dentistry, 3D printing enables better responsiveness to patient needs, significantly reduces manufacturing times, and opens up new treatment options. With low operating costs, minimal maintenance, and user-friendly design, SprintRay products make it easy to bring digital dentistry and 3D printing together in your practice.


Surgical Guides

Bonding Trays

Try-In Dentures

Dental Models

Models for Aligners

Provisionals & Wax-ups

Integrating The 3D Printing Workflow

Implementing 3D printing into the dental practice has never been easier. Digital dentistry technologies such as intraoral scanners and dental CAD software easily integrate with SprintRay products thanks to the universally-accepted .STL file format for 3D models. Once you’ve left the messy impression trays and stone dental models behind, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without in-office 3D printing.

In-office Treatment Design

For maximum speed and flexibility, design dental appliances for treatment in your office using the dental CAD software of your choosing.

Partner Treatment Design

Leverage your existing lab relationship or find a design partner to take care of this step for you, sending you digital files that are ready for print.