We are driven to build and innovate and for this we need the right tools. With the Bolt Pro 3D Printer you can now instantly turn your ideas into reality. While the Bolt Pro takes care of production, you can focus on what really matters - your projects and designs. The Bolt Pro is an industrial machine built for performance and long term reliability. With the user firmly in mind, the Bolt Pro can expand your design with the push of a button.



The Bolt Pro 3D printer is equipped with unique direct drive Independent Dual Extruders. This means that both extruders can move independent from each other for clean dual prints. The unique nozzles also give unique benefits like sync- or mirror-mode as well as swappable nozzles for a greater selection of filaments.

Sync-/Mirror-mode: The Bolt Pro can automatically create a copy of the selected print using both extruders at the same time. This increases the production speed of the Bolt Pro by 200%!

Swappable nozzles: The nozzles can be swapped within seconds for a different kind. For example, there are High Temperature nozzles which go up to 360°C (680°F) for high performance filaments.


3D printing on a heated print bed has never been better.
The large build volume can have an industrial grade glass print bed for exceptional
print quality or an optional Composite print bed for enhanced heat distribution and an increased life span.

Each print bed can be swapped at any moment for another print bed for a continuous printing workflow.
This means that as soon as the Bolt Pro has finished your prints,
it can continue directly with its next print job.


Operating the Bolt Pro is easy and can be done using the 7” inch touch screen or your preferred personal device using wifi. Any device with network connectivity and a browser can log onto the Bolt Pro and will grant you control as well as visibility through the built-in webcam.

When the Bolt Pro is online, it can automatically check for new firm- and software updates and install these for you. Frequent updates are available due to the development of new features - like the auto-shutdown feature to reduce power consumption - or by adding new languages for the User Interface.



The Leapfrog User Interface also communicates and helps you for an improved 3D printer experience. The lighting of the enclosed build volume changes colour to indicate if it’s idle, heating or active.

The 7” touchscreen can also show you around in its software to introduce you to the necessary function it provides. And multiple maintenance guides are available to keep the Bolt Pro in perfect working condition.



The Bolt Pro has high grade aluminium underneath its signature design. Every functional component is made out of steel for a long life span of intensive use.

The Bolt Pro has linear guides where the original Bolt had solid rods to guide the Independent Dual Extruders in the Y-direction. These provide higher precision, increase the reliability and make the Bolt Pro operate more quietly.


Every little detail, yes, really everything

Precision Build Speed General
Layer height (micron) Weight (kg) Printing speed (mm/s) CE Certified
50 - 350 64 100 Yes
Positioning precision Body / Construction Max. flow rate (mm³/s) Dual Extruder
DW: 8 microns, H: 10 microns Aluminium Framework 6 Yes
Extruder / nozzle diameter (mm) Printer dimensions DxWxH (mm) Travel speed (mm/s) Built-in Webcam
0.35 723 x 831 x 801 250 Yes
Operation heated bed temperature Size Materials
90 °C Max build volume (liter) Nozzle temperature (up to)
Heated printing environment 21.6 265 or optional 360 °C
No Max print dimensions single extruder (x,y,z) (mm) Compatible filaments
330 x 320 x 205 All Leapfrog Maxx Essentials and Leapfrog Maxx Pro
Max print dimensions dual extruder (x,y,z) (mm)
300 x 320 x 205