Jakarta, Indonesia – December 4, 2013 – 3D Solution today announced its commitment to become Indonesia’s first and largest 3D Printer hub. 3D Printing or additive manufacturing, which is the process of making products layer upon layer, has gained widespread popularity over the past few years. President Obama even mentioned that 3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything. Indonesia has caught on the trend with the introduction of affordable and intuitive bestselling personal 3D Printers offered by 3D Solution such as the UP Plus 2, UP Mini and Leapfrog Creatr. Moreover, UP Plus 2 is the first in its category to use a full set of automatic platform calibration system, which includes platform leveling and height calibration.

3D printing, or "additive manufacturing," is a new way to produce objects that are literally and concretely change the world. Those who understand the potential of 3D printing is believed will reduce all kinds of obstacles in the coming decades, from capital-based manufacturing system for intellectual property and even gun control. It is not an exaggeration to compare the power of 3D printing to transform society to that of the Gutenberg printing.
But what this technology is expected to disrupt the economy and the physical world as we know it? It is a new type of manufacturing process that makes the creation of customized objects easier, faster and cheaper. Most of the manufacturing process have historically been subtractive: We engrave an object from an existing block of metal or other material, use a router to cut what we do not want. Or we can pour plastic into a mold-but first we have to invest substantial capital in creating the mold.

Personal 3D Printers are made for people who are new to 3D printing and want to get a head start in using the potentially disruptive technology. Most often, they print out model made of plastics such as ABS or PLA. Customers include hobbyists, students, businesses and designers who like making low-volume customized products.

3D Solution also sells more advanced 3D printing machines, such as EOS and TPM 3D Printers that can make higher resolution products. These printers are sought after for the quality and durability of the printed products. Besides using them for making prototypes, products printed from the EOS metal or plastics machines can be used directly by customers as engine parts, spare parts, patters for investment or vacuum castings, tooling inserts, dental copings and bridges, and much more. Customers can choose from a wide range of materials to print with, ranging from polyamide, alumide, carbon mide, stainless steel, aluminium, cobalt chrome, titanium, maraging steel, and steel.

3D Solution aims to be a one-stop shop and solutions provider for individuals or businesses that are sourcing for 3D printers and scanners. The above products are available for sale on our website, www.solusi3d.co.id. Customers can view sample products printed from each printer on our website or visit our office at Citra Business Park Blok G No.22, Jakarta Barat. Please like us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/3dprinterindo) and follow us on twitter @3dprintasia to get more updates.

About CV. 3D Solution – 3D Solution is a leading provider of 3D printers, scanners and 3D printing services in Indonesia. We were established in 2011, and have since built many good relationships with customers due to our fierce commitment to providing the best services and solutions. We are distributor of UP! 3D Printers, David Laser Scanner, Leapfrog, EOS and TPM 3D Printers.

More information of the company is available at www.solusi3d.co.id.

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