Why you want a 3D printer in your office.

October 9, 2019 Why you want a 3D printer in your office. 0

3D printing is an exciting new technology for dentistry that promises better treatment customization and increased margins for clinics. From the outside looking in, it can be difficult to separate bullish hype from the daily reality of in-office use.

Though future innovations will continue to add value to this technology, investing in a SprintRay 3D printer for your office today can have immediate benefits, including a rapid return on investment, improved patient experience, and complete workflow control.

Rapid Return
Just like any other office tool, a 3D printer needs to offer a rapid breakeven and a continuous return on investment. With downward pressure on
treatment fees and lower insurance reimbursements, this component is
more important than ever. While the use of each 3D printer varies from
practice to practice, SprintRay 3D printers offer many routes for rapid return
and increased profits.
Clinicians who offer aligner therapy can use a SprintRay Pro to rapidly
produce models for aligners, reducing or eliminating lab fees for a massive
profit increase.
Orthodontists can 3D print indirect bonding trays, reducing bracket
placement time by up to 90% while saving on lab fees.
Surgeons can offer guided implant surgery for only a few dollars in materials,
increasing speed and surgical confidence while improving the patient

Orthodontists can 3D print indirect
bonding trays, reducing bracket
placement time by up to 90% while
saving on lab fees.

Improved Patient Experience
An exceptional patient experience is the best way to grow your practice. Adding a 3D printer to your office allows you to cut treatment times, provide personalized care, and increase case acceptance by setting your own fees for production.

Respond quickly to patient needs; if something is lost or broken, replace it in an hour from its digital file rather than starting from scratch.

Dr. Olivera uses 3D printing to fabricate digital dentures at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional fabrication.

Dr. Grutter uses 3D printing to manufacture clear aligners in-office, making the price more attractive to patients and increasing case acceptance.

Dr. Kelliny prints his own surgical guides for endodontic surgery, reducing procedure time from over an hour to a consistent 10 minutes.

OrthoSelect uses SprintRay 3D printers to manufacture indirect bonding trays, allowing doctors to place a full arch of brackets in 5 minutes.

Complete Workflow Control
Owning a 3D printer can mean having total control over the entire treatment
process. It can also mean streamlining efficiency with a less hands-on
approach. Regardless of which design method you choose, 3D printing
appliances only costs a few dollars in materials and can be completed in
under an hour, rather than days or weeks.
Doctors who want to be in full control of digital dentistry can design their
own appliances using one of our software partners and then print the digital
files in-house.
To produce appliances without being involved in the design, clinics can
benefit from their existing lab relationship. Simply submit your scanned data,
then receive a printable file.
If you just need a study model, directly import your intraoral scan data into
SprintRay’s RayWare software and make the model printable with a single

The Practice Revolution
With the SprintRay Pro, 3D printing is truly ready for primetime. SprintRay 3D
printers offer rapid return on investment, an improved patient experience,
and full workflow control. With so many innovations that can be leveraged
today, 3D printing can revolutionize almost any dental practice.

3D printing is ready for primetime. Are you?