3D Printing a Steering Knuckle Strong Enough to Win in Detroit

3…2…1…Go! A mishmash of Tie Fighters, cardboard Jeeps, and real life MarioKart racers recklessly speed off from the starting line at the Power Racing Series Road Course at the Detroit Maker Faire 2015. Each of these go-karts were built by DIY makers whose creativity, innovation, and goofiness gave their contraptions a chance to shine. Among…
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October 15, 2018 0

Myths and Misconceptions About 3D Printers

Although 3D printing has been around since the 1980s, it has often been misrepresented — both positively and negatively. Unfortunately, 3D printed parts are often synonymous with figurines, hobbyist parts, and cosmetic prototypes. However thanks to innovations in technology and materials, there’s so much more that companies can achieve with a printer built for manufacturing…
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September 27, 2018 2