Rapid Mester ATOMm-8000

Equipped with a low-priced,high-performance laser “3D Printer Rapid Meister ATOM m-8000 / 4000” CMET provide stereolithography system with high cost-performance.

Features of stereolithography 3D printer

Higher accuracy and easy modeling even thin-walled models

Smooth model surface and best transparency

High-speed modeling with a proprietary digital scanner

Large models can be modeled

Stereolithography system

Adoption of highly reliable Japanese parts

  • Achieves high-precision molding
  • Reliability for long-term stable operation

Large-capacity molding area

  • Achieves a large molding area of W800 x D600 x H400mm
  • Large models can also be integrally molded

Significant reduction in running costs

Equipped with a low-cost, high-performance laser

Improved workability

  • 3 sides of door for easy access to even large models
  • Adopts a dedicated take-out trolley that can handle up to large models

Rich user interface

Easy operability of the touch panel system

  1. Molded objects may be damaged when peeled off
  2. Items larger than A4 size cannot be printed.
  3. Resin easily deforms over time
  4. Poor after-sales service on troubleshooting

Stereolithography system use case automotive industry