Rapid Meister ATOMm-4000

A new proposal from CMET with its “Made-in-Japan” quality, to the manufacturing field expecting to use more of the additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies.

Equipped with a low-priced,high-performance laser
“3D Printer Rapid Meister ATOM m-8000 / 4000”
CMET provide stereolithography system with high cost-performance.

Features of stereolithography 3D printer

Higher accuracy and easy modeling even thin-walled models

Smooth model surface and best transparency

High-speed modeling with a proprietary digital scanner

Large models can be modeled

  • Build bigger than A3 size

  • W400xD400xH300mm

  • Equipped CMET’s original scanning system
  • Double doors for easier removal

  • Equipped with touch panel for easy viewing and operation


Model Rapid Meister ATOMm-8000

Solid state laser 400mW 40KHz

Digital scanner mirror (TSS4)


0.025mm ^depends on the resin used

Blade Recoater (Op. Vent Recoater)

Interchangeable (Approx. 80 ℓ)

AC100V Single phase 15A

550 kg (without resin)