Resin is heated from the metal tank carrier below the resin tank, and the resin temperature is sensed by an infrared sensor behind the resin tank. Due to inability to predict third-party resin properties and performance, the Form 2 deactivates the heater and the wiper when printing in Open Mode.

Print Start Temperature

The Form 2 begins heating the resin after the print is initiated from the touchscreen. The preferred printing temperature varies for each resin. The print starts at the Automatic Start Temperature, and the resin continues heating to maintain the Target Print Temperature during printing. Pressing the “Start Now” button allows the Form 2 to begin printing at the Minimum Start Temperature.

  Minimum Start Temperature Automatic Start Temperature Target Printing Temperature
Grey Resin 25°C 31°C 35°C
Black, White, Clear Resins 20°C 31°C 35°C
Castable, Flexible, Dental SG Resins 20°C 31°C 35°C
Tough 28°C 30°C 31°C

Observe the printer's touchscreen while idling or starting a print to determine the resin temperature and heater status.

Checking the Resin Temperature

If the printer has not been used recently, heating can take up to 15 minutes. After completing a print, it is normal for the resin tank to be warm. You can view the resin tank’s current temperature on the Printer tab of the Form 2’s touchscreen.


The tank carrier acts as a heating element and can become very hot during the printing process. If the resin tank is removed immediately after printing, be sure not to touch the tank carrier.