UP Plus 2 3D Printer Amazon.com Reviews

UP Plus 2 3D Printer Amazon.com Reviews
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This is my first 3D printer. I have used professional 3D printing services in the past and paid ten times the cost of this printer, just for the parts I had printed. The accuracy and quality of the ABS prints from this Up Plus 2 printer are simply amazing. All the documentation and software are available online as downloads, which is nice. I printed out the 57 page manual and studied it carefully before using the printer. The instructions are fairly well done, yet not exactly in step by step format. It took a good hour of reading and contemplating before I had the nerve to click "Print". Everything worked beautifully and I made a couple stunning first parts. I'm blown away by the value of this technology for the technical design trades. The best invention since the pencil.
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13 of 14 people found the following review helpful By mike on October 15, 2013
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received printer in perfect condition
packed very well
very easy setup except that loading the
printer driver needs to be explained better
once driver is loaded it worked perfect
the manufacurer should supply a glass for print surface
this works much better than the perf board
The glass board can be purchased here on amazon thru Octave
The really exceptional feature of this printer
are the auto level which I do not see with any other
machines at this level, this feature saves a lot of time
and headache. I have used this printer since October
Have printed many many parts. I am printing proprietary
parts for my business for sale here on amazon
I redesigned the filiment spool holder and it works much better
for Octave and Gizmo dorks material
It repeats perfect parts every time, have had very little trouble
once I got used to the printer, I printed for days without re-leveling
or resetting nozzel height. I checked to see if they were coming out
with a dual extruder model, but they have no plans for that rite now
so I purchased one elsewhere. I have extensive cad experience so I
have no problem designing parts that need no raft or support material
I would recommend this printer
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful By Min on December 22, 2013
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It works well on small prints, but failed with bigger prints at the beginning. The problem seems to be the temperature. Due to it's openness the ABS cools down a little too fast and it caused the base to peel off when it prints 4th or 5th layer and the whole thing begins to move and therefore failed. To fix this problem I had to lay Kapton tape on the platform, also added a box as an enclosure to keep the environment warm. It worked. So I wonder why this printer doesn't come with these to begin with?
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11 of 15 people found the following review helpful By chinawut paesang on December 2, 2013
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Worked great at first and then failed on 3rd run with in one weeks time.Tech support didn't even try to trouble shoot and told us to send it back and get another one.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful By David Skolnik on January 23, 2014
I'll preface this review with saying that I've only had it for 2 weeks. If something were to go wrong in the next month or so, I will surely come back and edit my review.

Having said that, this printer has been exactly what is advertised. About 30 minutes after starting to open the box of the printer, I had already printed my first keychain. I did a ton of research figuring out which printer to buy and ultimately decided on the Up! Plus 2 because of its reputation for being easy to use and reliable.

Easy To Use:
Again, it was printing within 30 minutes of unboxing. The Autolevel and nozzle height detection features make it extremely easy to get consistent, high quality prints. My nozzle height detection seems to be a bit out of wack, so I've resorted to setting the nozzle height on my own (which is incredibly easy in and of itself). The autolevel is a must, although manually leveling the platform is a good habit to get in once you are comfortable with everything.

I've had it up and running for 2 weeks and have had only a couple print failures out of about 40 prints. Those print failures were mainly due to not letting the platform heat up long enough before printing.

I fear some people may be misled by the promises of some other 3D printers so let me do this...
What you are NOT getting:
-A machine that will be able to make any object under the sun (build volume is a bit limiting)
-A machine that you will never have to upkeep (self calibrating features are a nice start but are far from a perfect solution)
-A machine that can easily print in multiple colors or materials (in fact I've hear printing with PLA is a total pain)

What you ARE getting:
-A machine that is usable for even the most noobiest of tinkerers.
-Software that is extremely intuitive and helps you get the most out of your prints (although I've heard its not as open as some open-source stuff)
-A machine that will reliably print you great parts, considering the machine's price and usability

If you take the time to learn about this printer and how to get the most out of it, you will be rewarded.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful By William Powers on January 11, 2014
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I had a QU-BD and it was terrible, so I got this instead and it is much, much better. Really solid machine that is reliable.

Only negative is that the software really gives you too little control. Luckily its pretty good, but I would like to have a few more options, such as nozzle temp, which should be standard.

Overall - really good! Happy with my purchase.


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